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Adopt ‎Paperless Invoicing in 4 Easy Steps

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  • January 30, 2023
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In some cases, it is not possible to go completely paperless. For example, some utilities still send you paper bills and would refuse to send you electronic invoices. A supplier portal is primarily meant for supplier self-service. A supplier portal is used when suppliers don’t have the infrastructure to support electronic invoices. The most common approach to paperless invoicing is to implement a scanning solution to scan the incoming invoices. If you automate the process of capturing and processing invoices, the cost automatically goes down, reducing your cost for processing the invoice.

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Storage challenges are one of the issues many small accounting equationes face when it comes to working with paper and pen methods. Many businesses have to keep records for longer periods of time, and that’s where storage issues come into play. Going paperless means no storing hassle and access to any of the documents you want. Since digital invoices are easy to customize, every supplier can send bespoke invoices to clients. It gives a personal touch to the invoices and helps boost customer satisfaction. In modern times, we as humans understand that climate change is real and we should do whatever we can to save the environment.

Go paperless with MacAllister Machinery — it’s fast, easy, and FREE!

However, if cash flow is not an issue, then a good practice is to of course pay suppliers on time. Scaling fast and deciding whether to buy or to build your payments and billing solution in-house? In this webinar we unpack the financial impact of building and managing your payment and billing solution in-house.

https://1investing.in/ to scan the invoice and enter the data in the system. Yes, we know it is obvious that you should have clearly defined goals for any automation initiative but you would be surprised to see how many companies don’t do this right. Sign up for FREE with InvoiceOwl and bid adieu to heaps of paper. PO Generator Create Purchase Orders in seconds with this anytime access tool.

Going paperless is one way of contributing to keeping the planet green. The fewer paper documents you use, the more trees you save from being cut down. Use Jotform table templates with Jotform Tables as a database for tracking and managing the status of all invoices. This tool centralizes billing information to provide full transparency for the financial team. Any time your team relies on manual processes, you run the risk of creating redundant work, like filling out the same information on different hard-copy forms. Paperless automation streamlines workflows, helping you avoid wasted time and resources.

Accuracy of data highly varies

Paperless invoice processing includes AP automation software that helps ap managers set up automated workflows and almost eliminate paper processes. The time wasted in processing paper invoices can be used by the accounts payable department to improve other important KPIs like on-time payments and early payment discounts captured. InvoiceOwl is a feature-rich invoicing app that helps small businesses, freelancers, and contractors to create paperless invoices online and cut the paper cost. Approving manually created invoices is another major task, but when it comes to paperless invoicing, the process is smoother and better. With paperless invoicing, both the accounts payable process team and the approver would be on the same page.

  • A supplier portal is primarily meant for supplier self-service.
  • In fact, our touchless capture rate is at 62.2 and 95.8 for Medius Average and Best in Class, regardless of invoice receipt method.
  • Finally, the paperless invoicing process is great for people working remotely.
  • Choosing a system that will allow you to process invoices your way and integrates with your tools and processes is incredibly important.
  • This will allow you to create electronic invoices, track invoice status, receive incoming invoices, and more.

Moreover, the chances of losing an invoice or it getting lost within a stack of other documents are also negated since it is digitally present on your email or any other system that you are using. You can simply search for it by typing and it will automatically pop up. The traditional formats of business operations are evolving every day and handling supplier invoices is one such area. To make sure you are constantly reminding vendors for on-boarding, set up a tracking system so that you can easily track who is onboarded and who is not.

Online Bill-Pay

IntelliChief’s paperless invoice processing software is the perfect solution. By sorting and paying your invoices based on their due date and payment terms, IntelliChief makes it easy to capture more early payment discounts. It can even confirm the terms of the discount and make sure that payment is processed on the first available check run, further simplifying the process. Overall, it seems that both businesses and customers are largely pleased with their experience using HVAC paperless invoicing.

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It was revealed that 7.5% of paper invoices managed by a company are lost. The dematerialisation of invoices is one of the major challenges for the accounting management of companies for the coming years, let us see why. But the dematerialisation of invoices is not simply an IT manipulation. It implies a profound change in the accounting management of companies. The information provided is correct and accurate, and I am authorized to enroll in Paperless Invoicing.

EInvoices can also be archived in an audit-proof manner in our document management system. The vendor billing process could be a process that your accounts payable team depends on to run smoothly to ensure that suppliers are paid on time. Utilizing old invoice and billing practices that depend heavily on paperwork can slow things down for all parties involved. As such, ensuring an easy and customizable billing experience so that suppliers can be paid on time may be ideal.


The Invoicing system then sends notifications to respective team members. Electronic invoice receipt as a channel refers to electronically transferring the invoicing document from the supplier to the buyer. In this case, there is no paper copy or for that matter electronic PDF copy of the invoice. If there is nopurchase order process, you probably rely on invoice approval from stakeholders for every single invoice. Many of your suppliers might be getting paid late because their invoices are stuck in the exception review process and they are not ready to be paid yet. For example, if you are using a system for processing invoices then the cost of the system as well it’s support cost.

Some organizations also have a cross-checking method, wherein Purchase orders are evaluated against invoices. When this becomes necessary, you are supposed to cross-check entries purchase orders, invoices, and other supporting documents. Now that you have the information required to be fed into the digital format, you are not supposed to do it manually. Therefore, you will require code to feed in all the data essential for digital format. The best part of working with InvoiceOwl is that it lets you customize the template for every invoicing document such as invoice, estimate, purchase order, and credit memo. This eliminates the need for data entry every time you create an invoice.

One of the issues that occur when businesses choose to process an invoice rather than use an automated system manually is double payments. All it takes is forgetting to stamp an invoice as “paid,” and chances are it will get paid twice. The recipient of the double payment may return the overpaid funds on their own, but many times that isn’t the case. It often involves following up to get the money back, resulting in hours of lost time for accounting teams. An error of this type is also embarrassing and can give the perception of a disorganized business.

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Tipworx benefits from paperless transition 30 March 2023.

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If your vendors are still using hard-copy invoices, you’ll have to scan them, but Stampli’s OCR will extract all the data quickly and accurately. If you are going to submit more than 100 invoices in a year, then our preferred method is EDI. For example, if you are only going to purchase twice a year from the new vendor, then it doesn’t make sense to spend time setting up EDI or any other electronic data exchange protocol.


You could set uppurchase order approvalsso that all purchases are not routed for approval. It could be a factor of errors on the invoice or you have a highly manual process to match the invoices with the purchase order. It is the time cost of stakeholders who needs to approve the invoice before it can be paid. Increase cash flow visibility because the invoices are processed faster. Automate the invoice capture process by enabling supplier self-service.

Helps boost the efficiency, transparency, and timeliness of your accounts payable process. Schedule a personalized free demo today to discover the many ways we can empower your business. Process and approve invoices electronically, and save time and money on every invoice from every supplier. The following is both a template and goal-setting approach to get the buy-in at every level of the organization.

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